Poll: Which of these books would you like to hear about first?
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Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by James
7 10.14%
Bell Curve by Hernstein and Murray
11 15.94%
10,000 Year Explosion by Harpending and Cochran
9 13.04%
Blank Slate by Pinker
3 4.35%
Antifragile by Taleb (or something else of his)
14 20.29%
something by Nietzsche
11 15.94%
Against Method by Feyerabend
5 7.25%
something by Rothbard or one of those people
2 2.90%
Some basic bitch liberal book by like Ta-Nehisi Coates or something just to lol at it
7 10.14%
Total 69 vote(s) 100%
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Book reviews
I've been meaning to do book reviews for a while. Curious what people wanted. I'm putting up a poll of the books I get asked about most commonly and also some others I think are worth talking about. Pick which you'd like me to do in a video. 

You can also get a list of the books I physically own here: http://old.lukesmith.xyz/library.html which obviously is not all the books I've read.

There have also been people emailing me for a definitive "red-pilled books" list, which I don't think exists, but Idk, I might do something about that.
I'd like to see more fiction on the list but I guess the last category will have to do Wink

Redpilled reading list might be cool but depending on how woke it is you can say goodbye to any monetization.

Of these I think Bicameral Mind would be the most interesting to hear your thoughts about and generate discussions because a) many people are not aware of the theory and b) people tend to respond differently upon hearing it, often in ways you wouldn't expect of them.

Also from your library:
  • PKD, Lovecraft - probably would be the most fun to review and watch
  • Nicolás Gómez Dávila - I do not know this book or who he is but I've seen some quotes attributed to him. Might be good to introduce to the English speaking world depending on how woke he is.
  • Jared Diamond - Luke Smith DESTROYS upper-middle-class liberal cocktail party conversation piece in one simple youtube video (guaranteed views)
  • Hesse, Nietzsche - could be good or awful tbh, regardless I wouldn't do these ones first
  • MYFAROG - do a campaign together with Brian Lunduke with N.N. Taleb drunk on Phoenician wine as DM ranting about probability while he gives you encounters. Character with the most antifragile build wins.
Yeah the Gómez Dávila book is literally just a collection of aphorisms. The guy is an interesting fellow. He was just very well-read and kept a huge library. Eventually he sat down and just wrote a crapload of pithy aphorisms. There's not too much to review about them though, other than a general analysis of his political and religious ideas, which are often pretty subtle.

As for Jared Diamond and Guns, Germs and Steel, lol. The thing about that book is that it doesn't really matter what's true or untrue about it. GGS is like a last retreat and rationalization of a egalitarian leftist. In a world where you're not allowed to believe in the racial differences between people, or even that a lot of cultural differences effect outcomes, you have to believe something like geographical determinism, which is more or less what GGS propounds.

A lot of the book's claims are fine and dandy, but most of the book is just trying to attribute everything, down to political organization on geography. That said, aside from the political motivations of the book, I'd still file it under "silly universal theories of history". It's sometimes interesting things to think about, but shouldn't be taken to seriously as an overwhelming narrative.
WTF, you mark GEB as favored. NICE sempie.

PLEASE, could you make a video about it
and actually I'm not reading much but I have a long list of books which I wanna read :brianlet: , could you make a video about is too, give us advice and stuff like that.
Obligatory question, is redpilling a meme? Thinking Thinking Thinking
Here's some books I'd like you to discuss:
  • Anything by Nietzsche
  • Wittgenstein's Tractatus and Philosophical Investigations
  • Something by Evola
Libshit books:
  • The Abolition of White Democracy by Joel Olson
  • The New Jim Crow
Reviewing Gómez-Dávilas aphorism collections would be totally against his spirit IMO, taking its whole point away from it, particularly if most users here have not read him yet.

I'd be interested in a review of Feyerabend and particularly his dispute with Critical Rationalism/Popper (or even a review of Popper's Open Society or Logic of Scientific Discovery before that).
I would love a review of all of Pinker's works (that you've read), given how you like only the Blank Slate. Videos on Nietzsche or Feyerabend would good given that they are ... very academic works that would do well with a summary beforing diving in. Harpending and Cochran's book is also good to review.
I would like to hear about "The Black Swan" of Taleb if you read it. But Antifragile is fine, too.
I'd love to read your take on Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising. Pbuh.
^Changed my mind to this. Luke's channel NEEDS to take the greenpill.

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