Whomst lives in Georgia?
Friendship ended with Arizona; now Georgia is my best friend.

I just finished my move from Arizona, which is more relieving than I can possibly express. Classwork is done, and the only possible reason I'll ever be returning to that quite literal hell-hole is for when I defend my dissertation and my graduation ceremony.

The thing is, while I've moved from Arizona, I haven't really moved anywhere in particular; I'll be living with family and friends until I decided where I want to live exactly. Here are my options:
  • Just go full innawoods right now, buy land (in Georgia or Tennessee) with my money and get started. The disadvantage is that I don't have as much money as I'd like to get a choice parcel, and this would also interfere with my dissertation (perhaps it doesn't matter of course).
  • Partial innawoods. I have some family in Florida with remote land and farmhouses. I could ask to live their and watch the property, maybe practice for real innawoods hours in the meantime. No money required other than my food, unless the relevant family member wants nominal rent.
  • Move to an apartment in a practical place to work on my dissertation. This would probably mean a college town where they have a library and bus system (probably Athens, where the University of Georgia is, where I've lived before and have friends, but I don't particularly like the place). Work on the dissertation and finish in a year, then go elsewhere.
  • Move into Atlanta, get an internship at an NGO, become a bugman Soy Boy (joke choice).
Other data:
  • I don't own a car anymore and don't want to buy one unless I go innawoods. I'll need a truck if I do. Having a car while living in a city is a waste.
  • I'll possibly still be getting some amount of money from the University of Arizona for online work. This means that I'll have an income stream. I want to treat this income as going directly into the innawoods fund though.
  • If I actually ever get monetized (it's been 5 months of "review"), I might actually be making workable money on YouTube (possibly enough for rent somewhere). Patreon/Paypal is small now, but a lot more than nothing and sort of pays for my groceries and such.
Anyway, the title of the thread is "Whomst lives in Georgia?" because I'm curious. I know some subscribers live in Athens, and if there are a lot there, or a lot in Kennesaw or another college town, that might be a reason to move there, so we can have IRL meetups or stuff or I can do stuff at university events, etc. Feel free to respond to the thread or if you don't want to dox yourself, just mail me (luke@lukesmith.xyz).
Athens-based user reporting in. I know of at least a couple of others around UGA who watch you regularly.
Sweet. As time passes I'm leaning more to Athens for several reasons. I'll actually be there next week looking for apartments briefly; it seems like the whole place is a little more expensive than I'd like, but it might just be the season.

Either way, if I move there, we might want to organize some kind of contact group or something. I've heard from a couple other people around Athens as well.
I'm currently enrolled in GSU and take classes at the downtown Atlanta campus. (Though by enrolled, I mean more so forced, but I digress.)
I live in the Grant Park area. Also looking for friendos who live in and around Atlanta.
I think Athens is your best option.
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Don't move to North Florida, especially Jacksonville. Nothing but urban sprawl, "city centers" and a lot of Jesus.
If I do relocate for the next months to North Florida, it would be to a place literally in the middle of nowhere. There's a maximally rural area in a small town (actually less than a town) that my family owns. About 30 mintes from any grocery stores or gas stations. That rural.

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