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Coffee vs. Tea
Pick your poison.
Green tea almost every day, occasionally Earl Grey. I take them both with honey because I have a sweet tooth. Not authentic, I know, don't care.
Recently, I’m only drinking coffee when meeting with friends at university. But generally, I’ve been a tea drinker for three years. I drink black tea, but I’m considering switching to green tea. I hear it’s more beneficial for your health.
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Agua de jamaica (Hibiscus tea) is pretty gud
I've been drinking coffe for a while but stoped about 2 months ago. Just like with any addiction you feel pretty fucking bad after not drinking coffee for about a week but after that I feel just as good and awake if not even better. Tea is nice but I only really drink it during winter. Never tried any of these high quality teas, only prepackaged stuff. Either green tea with a lemon or some kind of fruit tea.
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I didn't vote since I drink both including like 4+ cups of strong black coffee a day. Stop would disapprove.
It's this kind of ruthless data mining that will be used as a data point against you!
(06-11-2018, 06:59 PM)0n Zen Wrote: It's this kind of ruthless data mining that will be used as a data point against you!

>implying I have any kind of use for weeaboo autists somewhere off the internet
Reliance on caffeine is degenerate if you ask me. When I develop a habit like that, it's usually because I've been not sufficiently productive at day or I stay up past midnight looking at a computer screen like a bugboy so I feel tired.

Drinking tea or coffee for merely recreational purposes is fine though. Although coffee tends to have levels of caffeine orders of magnitude greater than tea though, so I usually avoid it.
I enjoy drinking dark and bitter coffee roasts. I never use it to wake up or obtain focus in the morning as this can be accomplished with a proper sleep schedule and cold showers. I used to drink green tea a few years back and enjoyed the taste even though it wasn't the best of quality. If anyone has some tea recommendations, I would love to hear them.
I do both. Every morning I make coffee with my Bialetti. It takes about 20 minutes but it's a nice thing to do every morning because it gives me something to do every morning, even on weekends so I don't sleep in. In my opinion Coffee and Tea aren't nearly as bad for you as soda. I avoid soda because it's liquid poison, but coffee and tea are just fine if you drink them without sugar.

I also occasionally use my percolator and drink straight black cowboy coffee, but that takes 20 minutes to get boiling and another 10 to brew to coffee. Cowboy coffee is better than any automatic drip or starbucks sugary sludge

My favorite teas are green and oolong. Matcha is good too but I don't ever talk about it because it's pretty weeb tier

also I'm sorry for turning this into a /ck/ thread
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I love both for the taste but I actually hate the caffeine of both. I used to be pretty insensitive to caffine but nowadays I have trouble to fall asleep if I drink coffe or tea too late (i.e. not right after I wake up). I'm also never tired during the day so I don't really need it. As far as I know coffee will only help temporarily though since your body gets used to it and then expects you to drink coffey at whatever time you usually drink coffee and if you don't, you'll feel sluggish, really tired and lack focus.

Nowadays I just don't drink it anymore, except on rare occasions.
I drink 2-4 cups of coffee daily, Melitta to be more precise. With some milk.

Tea is good, but I dislike the idea of sugar in it, whether it is actual sugar or honey.
Green tea anyday.

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