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premise: I'm still quite new to vim.

I've been using vim for a while but only recently decided to use hjkl to navigate. There's only one really annoying problem:
When I press the letter d the cursor doesn't move to the right immediately but only after a second or so. Also if I press another navigation key like n the cursor won't move to the left.

I also tried using the set langmap but a simular thing happens with the i (which is switched from the letter c). I think the reason why this happens is because the program thinks I want to enter the delete command (or change with the c) but I have no idea on how to fix this.

I already tried to unmap the d key, switch the order of binds etc... This is part of my vimrc.

nnoremap h j
nnoremap t k
nnoremap d h
nnoremap n l

nnoremap e d

The HJKL thing is kind of a wank, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I use Colemak layout and I just use the HJKL keys where they appear on my keyboard. It's not a big deal. But if you really want to use QWERTY layout for HJKL you can do something like this:

set langmap='q,\\,w,.e,pr,yt,fy,gu,ci,ro,lp,/[,=],aa,os,ed,uf,ig,dh,hj,tk,nl,s\\;,-',\\;z,qx,jc,kv,xb,bn,mm,w\\,,v.,z/,[-,]=,\"Q,<W,>E,PR,YT,FY,GU,CI,RO,LP,?{,+},AA,OS,ED,UF,IG,DH,HJ,TK,NL,S:,_\",:Z,QX,JC,KV,XB,BN,MM,W<,V>,Z?
If you have a numpad, try Programmer Dvorak.
I managed to fix the problem by adding set timeoutlen=0 in my vimrc. I'm not really sure why it only affects the d key and not other keys like the z or c

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