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Hi guys,

Can you please link an easy tutorial or explanation on how to set up a custom colorpalette in a "larbs arch build"?
What files have to be edit? Whats your workflow?

I need the same colors in terminal, vim, ncmpcpp and generall systemappearance.
I has going to refer you to this thread (, but I guess it was in Spanish...

I'll repeat the relevant portion saying that the place to change the main colors in by changing the terminal colors. This requires recompiling it, but that only takes a second. First dl the source files:

git clone
cd st

Then edit the "colorname" variable inside config.h to the colors you want , then recompile and install with

make && sudo make install

You can remove the st folder afterwards if you want.have

Now each terminal program will call these colors differently, and you can usually adjust that in that program's dotfiles. I will say that it's ncmpcpp which I think has terrible defaults in LARBS, but I've never had the chance to change them. Anyone with a better scheme is welcome to share.

If you want the change the color for the status bar, those settings are set-able in ~/.config/i3/config or ~/.i3blocks.
thx luke!! awesome. today I figured out the displayselect in rofi with the help of the forum and your script. and tomorrow I'll check the colors in st . regards!

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