Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts: Auto-Setup & Configure Arch Linux
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progs.csv (4131B)

      1 #TAG,NAME IN REPO (or git url),PURPOSE (should be a verb phrase to sound right while installing)
      2 ,i3-gaps,"is the main graphical user interface and window manager."
      3 ,xorg-server,"is the graphical server."
      4 ,xorg-xwininfo,"allows querying information about windows."
      5 ,xorg-xinit,"starts the graphical server."
      6 ,ttf-inconsolata,"is the monospace font of LARBS."
      7 ,ttf-linux-libertine,"provides the sans and serif fonts for LARBS."
      8 ,vifm,"is an extensive terminal file manager that everyone likes."
      9 ,ed,"is the standard editor!"
     10 ,tree,"lists directory contents like trees. Used by vifm."
     11 ,arandr,"is a UI for screen adjustment."
     12 ,bc,"is used for a dropdown calculator."
     13 ,calcurse,"is a lightweight terminal-based calendar."
     14 ,xcompmgr,"is for transparency and removing screen-tearing."
     15 ,xorg-xprop,"is a tool for detecting window properties."
     16 ,dosfstools,"allows your computer to access dos-like filesystems."
     17 ,libnotify,"allows desktop notifications."
     18 ,dunst,"is a suckless notification system."
     19 ,exfat-utils,"allows management of FAT drives."
     20 ,sxiv,"is a minimalist image viewer."
     21 ,xwallpaper,"sets the wallpaper."
     22 ,ffmpeg,"can record and splice video and audio on the command line."
     23 ,gnome-keyring,"serves as the system keyring."
     24 A,gtk-theme-arc-gruvbox-git,"gives the dark GTK theme used in LARBS."
     25 ,neovim,"an tidier vim with some useful features"
     26 ,i3blocks,"is the status bar."
     27 ,i3lock,"is the screen lock."
     28 ,mpd,"is a lightweight music daemon."
     29 ,mpc,"is a terminal interface for mpd."
     30 ,mpv,"is the patrician's choice video player."
     31 ,ncmpcpp,"a ncurses interface for music with multiple formats and a powerful tag editor."
     32 ,networkmanager,"does exactly what it sounds like."
     33 ,newsboat,"is a terminal RSS client."
     34 ,firefox,"is the only program on LARBS your girlfriend has ever heard of."
     35 A,ttf-emojione,"is a package that gives the system unicode symbols and emojis used in the status bar and elsewhere."
     36 A,ttf-symbola,"provides unicode and emoji symbols."
     37 ,ntfs-3g,"allows accessing NTFS partitions."
     38 ,pulseaudio,"is the audio system (>inb4 bloat)."
     39 ,pulseaudio-alsa,"is an audio interface with ALSA."
     40 ,pulsemixer,"is an intuitive ncurses audio controller."
     41 ,imagemagick,"is a terminal image-manipulator providing some convenient shortcuts and the lockscreen in LARBS."
     42 A,sc-im,"is an Excel-like terminal spreadsheet manager."
     43 A,htop-vim-git,"provides system usage information and displays processes."
     44 ,maim,"can take quick screenshots at your request."
     45 ,socat,"is a socket utility."
     46 ,tmux,"is a terminal multiplexer and the dropdown window in LARBS."
     47 A,unclutter-xfixes-git,"hides an inactive mouse."
     48 ,unrar,"extracts rar's."
     49 ,unzip,"unzips zips."
     50 A,urlscan,"parses URLs in the terminal allowing keyboard-based selection."
     51 ,w3m,"is a terminal browser which can also view images."
     52 ,xcape,"gives the special escape/super mappings of LARBS."
     53 ,xclip,"allows for copying and pasting from the command line."
     54 ,xdotool,"provides window action utilities on the command line."
     55 ,xorg-xdpyinfo,"aids with resolution determination and screen recording."
     56 ,youtube-dl,"can download any YouTube video (or playlist or channel) when given the link."
     57 ,zathura,"is a pdf viewer with vim-like bindings."
     58 ,zathura-djvu,"gives zathura the ability to read .djvu files."
     59 ,zathura-pdf-mupdf,"allows mupdf pdf compatibility in zathura."
     60 A,python-ueberzug,"generates image previews in vifm and other terminal programs."
     61 ,poppler,"manipulates .pdfs and gives .pdf previews and other .pdf functions."
     62 ,mediainfo,"shows audio and video information and is used by vifm as well."
     63 ,atool,"manages and gives information about archives."
     64 ,fzf,"is a fuzzy finder tool."
     65 ,highlight,"can highlight code output."
     66 ,xorg-xbacklight,"enables changing screen brightness levels."
     67 A,task-spooler,"queues commands or files for download."
     68 A,simple-mtpfs,"enables the mounting of cell phones."
     69 G,,"runs commands and provides a UI for selection."
     70 G,,"is my custom build of suckless's terminal emulator."
     71 ,docx2txt,"enables .docx file previews in vifm."
     72 ,odt2txt,"enables .odt file previews in vifm."