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commit 23551ec673ea5be112545a721206b9640a53287a
parent 43525262c1e76dd1c2ade011bffb64ccc7b24f29
Author: Luke <>
Date:   Sun, 25 Feb 2018 15:58:45 -0700

PA moved. New progs file for later.

Msrc/ | 7++++---
Asrc/progs.csv | 91+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 95 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/ b/src/ @@ -5,9 +5,6 @@ red() { printf "\n\033[0;31m $* \033[0m\n\n" && (echo ERROR: $* >> /tmp/LARBS.lo NAME=$(whoami) -blue Activating Pulseaudio if not already active... -pulseaudio --start && blue Pulseaudio enabled... - #Install an AUR package manually. aurinstall() { curl -O$1.tar.gz && tar -xvf $1.tar.gz && cd $1 && makepkg --noconfirm -si && cd .. && rm -rf $1 $1.tar.gz ;} @@ -115,3 +112,7 @@ bash /home/$NAME/.scripts/ blue "Preparing welcome message..." curl >> /home/$NAME/.config/i3/config + +blue "Reseting Pulseaudio..." +killall pulseaudio +pulseaudio --start diff --git a/src/progs.csv b/src/progs.csv @@ -0,0 +1,91 @@ +arandr,,gui adjustment of screen, +asciiquarium,D,terminal screensaver, +atool,r,ranger archive previews, +base-devel,,sudo and compilation software, +bash-pipes,D,terminal screensaver, +biber,X,LaTeX references, +blender,B,video modification and modelling, +calcurse,,calendar, +cli-visualizer,D,music/audio visualizer, +cmatrix,D,terminal screensaver, +compton,,transparency and removing tearing, +discount,,, +dosfstools,,file system compatibility, +emacs,E,everything, +feh,,image viewer, +ffmpeg,,audio/video recording and splicing, +fzf,r,ranger fuzzy finder, +gimp,G,image modification, +git,,dling config repos, +gnome-keyring,,system keyring, +highlight,r,ranger previews highlighted, +htop-vim-git,,system info, +i3-gaps,,window manager, +i3lock,,screen lock, +imagemagick,,image conversion and modification, +libcaca,r,, +libreoffice-fresh,L,office suite, +mediainfo,r,ranger audio/video info preview, +mpc,,music daemon control, +mpd,,music daemon, +mpv,,video/gif player, +mupdf,,pdf reader, +ncmpcpp,,music player, +ncpamixer-git,,audio system manager, +neofetch,D,system stats, +neomutt,e,email client, +network-manager-applet,,GUI wifi manager, +networkmanager,,network manager, +newsboat,,RSS reader, +notmuch,e,email system (indexing and search), +notmuch-mutt,e,email system (indexing and search), +noto-fonts,F,Near Eastern Fonts, +noto-fonts-cjk,F,East Asian fonts, +noto-fonts-emoji,F,emoji fonts, +ntfs-3g,,file system compatibility, +offlineimap,e,email system (mail sync), +packer,,AUR manager, +pamixer,,audio system control, +pandoc,,file conversion, +polybar,p,status bar, +poppler,r,ranger pdf previews, +projectm-pulseaudio,,music/audio visualizer, +pulseaudio,,audio system, +pulseaudio-alsa,,audio system, +python-dbus,,, +python-gobject,,, +qutebrowser,,default browser, +r,,statistics and calculator, +ranger,r,file manager, +rofi,,command runner, +rsync,,, +sc-im,,spreadsheet manager, +screenfetch,D,system stats, +screenkey,,screencasting keyboard view, +scrot,,screenshots, +siji-git,p,polybar font symbols, +speedometer,,internet traffic view, +texlive-lang,X,LaTeX packages, +texlive-most,X,LaTeX packages, +tmux,,multiplexer and dropdown, +transmission-cli,T,torrent, +transmission-remote-cli-git,T,torrent interface, +ttf-ancient-fonts,F,rare and ancient fonts, +ttf-inconsolata,,mono font, +ttf-linux-libertine,,non-mono fonts, +unclutter-xfixes-git,,hides mouse if idle, +unrar,,extraction, +unzip,,extraction, +urlview,,url parser for terminal apps, +vim,,text editor, +vim-live-latex-preview,,latex preview, +vim-pathogen,,vim package manager, +w3m,,, +wget,,, +wireless_tools,p,polybar wifi module, +xfce-theme-blackbird,,dark theme, +xorg-server,,graphical environment, +xorg-xdpyinfo,,screencasting, +xorg-xinit,,graphical environment, +youtube-dl,,downloads youtube videos, +youtube-viewer,,watch YT videos without browser,