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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -17,7 +17,11 @@ These are the dotfiles deployed by [LARBS]( and as seen on [my - File bookmarks in `~/.config/files` - Directory bookmarks in `~/.config/directories` -## What's not here +## I'm looking for i3, ranger, etc. Where are they? + +There are two branches in this repository, `master`, which I use myself and regularly update (using dwm as a window manager), and `archi3` which is an older an more-or-less constant branch that contains older dotfiles, including those for programs I no longer use (like ranger) and which runs i3 as a window manager. +If problems arise with my i3 configuration here, you'll have to bring them up to me since I no longer use it. +I'd estimate that more of my subscribers use i3 rather than dwm, so I keep it here for them. My setup is pretty modular nowadays. I use several suckless program that are meant to be configured and compiled by the user and I also have separate repos for some other things. @@ -27,14 +31,12 @@ Check out their links: - [st]( (the terminal emulator) - [mutt-wizard (`mw`)]( - (a terminal-based email system that can store your mail offline without effort) -If you want my old i3 config, you can get it [here]( -I don't use i3 anymore so I don't maintain it or make changes to it. - -You might've come here from a review I've done on a program and want my configuration files for that program. -I tend to remove configs for programs I don't use to keep LARBS small. For those programs, they will be in the git history if you want to go searching. Please don't email me for configs. I tend to delete old stuff on my local machines so it's no easier for me. +## Install these dotfiles -For videos on programs nowadays, I prefer to make gists for config files, so they won't clutter up this very Spartan repository. +Use [LARBS]( to autoinstall everything: -## Install these dotfiles +``` +curl -LO +``` -Use [LARBS]( or clone the repo files directly to your home directory and install [the prerequisite programs]( +or clone the repo files directly to your home directory and install [the prerequisite programs]( or [those required for the i3 setup](