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mutt notes

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ Naturally, you can use \f(CWyay\fP to look for and install any you want to add. .ITEM \f(CWMod+r\fP \(en ranger (file browser/manager) .ITEM -\f(CWMod+e\fP \(en mutt (email) +\f(CWMod+e\fP \(en mutt (email; not installed by default, see below) .ITEM \f(CWMod+m\fP \(en ncmpcpp (music player) .ITEM @@ -360,10 +360,13 @@ LARBS is also compatible with pywal, but it is not installed or used by default .HEADING 2 "How do I set up my email?" .LI .ITEM +Install \f(CWneomutt\fP, \f(CWofflineimap\fP and \f(CWmsmtp\fP if you haven't already. +.ITEM Create a GPG private/public key pair if you haven't already. Type \f(CWmod+shift+e\fP and you can select a tutorial for how to do this. .ITEM Download the mutt-wizard repository to the mutt config directory: \f(CWgit clone ~/.config/mutt\fP +\fBREAD THE README.\fP .PP .ITEM There run \f(\fP and follow the directions, specifically: