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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -18,21 +18,16 @@ There are my dotfiles! The name of the repo, "voidrice", came from the fact they ## More documentation -I've added very thorough documentation of this whole system to ``. -Compile it to be read with the following command: +There's a full .pdf write-up of the repository [here:]( -``` -groff -mom -Tpdf > larbs_readme.pdf -``` - -Or, if you actually installed my dotfiles, you can just press `Super+F1`. The -reason this document is written in groff rather than markdown is so it can be -compiled realtime on the system, avoiding me pushing bloated .pdfs to this repo -everytime there's a need for documentation additions. +Or, if you actually installed my dotfiles, you can just press `Super+F1` to +show the same document offline. In the system, you can also press `Super+Shift+e` to watch tutorial videos on different programs used. See [my YouTube channel]( for more. +The command `getkeys` will also show basic key binds for different programs. + ## Dynamic Configuration Files Store your favorite or high-traffic directories in `~/.bmdirs` or your most