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pywal and colorscheme documentation added

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -335,6 +335,15 @@ Each time you save changes to either the config shortcut file or the folder shor The easiest way is to use ranger, navigate to the file you want as your background, and press \f(CWbg\fP. To be specific, i3 will always be looking to the file in \f(CW~/.config/wall.png\fP for the wallpaper, this ranger command copies the given file there and reruns feh to update it. So if you want a persistent wallpaper, move/rename it to \f(CW~/.config/wall.png\fP. +.HEADING 2 "How I change the colorscheme?" +.PP +LARBS uses +.PDF_WWW_LINK "" "\f(CWwal/pyal\fP" +to automatically produce colorschemes based on the background. +In the same way that you can set wallpapers in ranger with \f(CWbg\fP, you can change wallpapers \fIand\fP colorschemes with \f(CWbw\fP. +.PP +If you want to use your own custom colorscheme, you can set your colors in \f(CW~/.Xdefaults\fP, but you should also remove the \f(CWwal\fP command from the i3 config (\f(CW~/.config/i3/config\fP) so \f(CWwal\fP does not overwrite them. +Be sure to uncomment the \f(CWfeh\fP command right below it to continue setting the wallpaper on startup. .HEADING 2 "How do I set up my email?" .LI .ITEM diff --git a/.scripts/i3cmds/tutorialvids b/.scripts/i3cmds/tutorialvids @@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ zathura gpg keys calcurse urlview +colorschemes with pywal vi mode in shell "