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commit 7e72b8cf60ee28c14f8cc59edf095bfa25a2e4df
parent 08a9db0554c3e5b37e7668be3d0ae3839f0ce901
Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Thu, 21 Mar 2019 17:24:49 -0400

vifmrc cleanup

M.config/vifm/vifmrc | 155++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------------------------------------
1 file changed, 39 insertions(+), 116 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.config/vifm/vifmrc b/.config/vifm/vifmrc @@ -1,6 +1,21 @@ " vim: filetype=vifm source ~/.config/vifm/vifmshortcuts +set vicmd=$EDITOR +set syscalls +set nofollowlinks +set sortnumbers +set undolevels=100 +set wildmenu +set wildstyle=popup +set scrolloff=4 +set ignorecase +set smartcase +set nohlsearch +set incsearch +set suggestoptions=normal,visual,view,otherpane,keys,marks,registers +colorscheme luke + map <C-h> <C-w>h map <C-j> <C-w>j map <C-k> <C-w>k @@ -11,142 +26,50 @@ map <C-v> <C-w>v map R :restart<CR> map x :!sxiv -ft * 2>/dev/null &<CR> -nnoremap o :file &<cr>l +nnoremap o :file &<cr> map E :!$EDITOR %f<CR> map mkd :mkdir<space> map bg :!setbg %f &<CR> - +map X :!ext %f &<CR> +nnoremap s :shell<cr> +nnoremap w :view<cr> +vnoremap w :view<cr>gv +nnoremap yd :!echo %d | xclip %i<cr> +nnoremap yf :!echo %c:p | xclip %i<cr> +nnoremap I cw<c-a> +nnoremap cc cw<c-u> +nnoremap A cw +nnoremap ,w :set wrap!<cr> nmap <space> tj nmap q ZQ -fileviewer *.html,*.css,*.py,*.c,*.h,*.sh,*.diff,*.tex,*.md highlight -O ansi %c + fileview */ tree %c -L 1 --dirsfirst fileview ../ tree %c -L 1 --dirsfirst - -set vicmd=$EDITOR +fileviewer *md,*xml,*.css,*.py,*.c,*.h,*.sh,*.diff,*.tex,*.md,*.bib,*.sty,*.desktop highlight -O ansi %c +fileviewer *.html w3m -dump %c +filextype *.html,*.htm firefox %f 2>/dev/null & fileviewer *.docx docx2txt %c - filetype *.csv,*.xlsx sc-im %c +fileviewer *.csv sed "s/,,,,/,,-,,/g;s/,,/ /g" %c | column -t | sed "s/ - / /g" | cut -c -%pw -set syscalls -set nofollowlinks -set sortnumbers -set undolevels=100 -colorscheme luke -set wildmenu -set wildstyle=popup - -" Display suggestions in normal, visual and view modes for keys, marks and -" registers (at most 5 files). In other view, when available. - -set suggestoptions=normal,visual,view,otherpane,keys,marks,registers - -set ignorecase -set smartcase -set nohlsearch -set incsearch - -" Try to leave some space from cursor to upper/lower border in lists - -set scrolloff=4 - -" Don't do too many requests to slow file systems - -if !has('win') - set slowfs=curlftpfs -endif - -" Set custom status line look - -" :com[mand][!] command_name action -" The following macros can be used in a command -" %a is replaced with the user arguments. -" %c the current file under the cursor. -" %C the current file under the cursor in the other directory. -" %f the current selected file, or files. -" %F the current selected file, or files in the other directory. -" %b same as %f %F. -" %d the current directory name. -" %D the other window directory name. -" %m run the command in a menu window - +filetype *.wav,*.mp3,*.flac,*.m4a,*.wma,*.ape,*.ac3,*.og[agx],*.spx,*.opus mpv --no-audio-display --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsoc$(date +%%s) %c filextype *.pdf,*.ps,*.eps,*.ps.gz,*.djvu zathura %f 2>/dev/null &, fileviewer *.pdf pdftotext -l 1 -nopgbrk %c - - -" Audio -filetype *.wav,*.mp3,*.flac,*.m4a,*.wma,*.ape,*.ac3,*.og[agx],*.spx,*.opus mpv --no-audio-display --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsoc$(date +%%s) %c -fileviewer *.wav,*.mp3,*.flac,*.m4a,*.wma,*.ape,*.ac3,*.og[agx],*.spx,*.opus mediainfo %c - +fileviewer *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob,*.fl[icv],*.m2v,*.mov,*.webm,*.ts,*.mts,*.m4v,*.qt,*.divx,*.as[fx],*mp3,*.flac mediafile %c filextype *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob,*.fl[icv],*.m2v,*.mov,*.webm,*.ts,*.mts,*.m4v,*.r[am],*.qt,*.divx,*.as[fx] mpv --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsoc$(date +%%s) %f 2>/dev/null &, -"fileviewer *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob,*.fl[icv],*.m2v,*.mov,*.webm,*.ts,*.mts,*.m4v,*.r[am],*.qt,*.divx,*.as[fx],*mp3,*.flac echo %c is a video file. - -fileviewer *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob, *.fl[icv],*.m2v,*.mov,*.webm,*.ts,*.mts,*.m4v,*.r[am],*.qt,*.divx vifmimg videopreview %px %py %pw %ph %c %pc vifmimg clear fileview *.zip,*.rar,*.tar.gz atool -l %f +filetype *.zip,*.rar,*.tar.gz ext %f -filextype *.html,*.htm firefox %f 2>/dev/null & - -filetype *.o nm %f | less - -filetype *.[1-8] man ./%c fileviewer *.[1-8] man ./%c | col -b +filetype *.[1-8] man ./%c + +fileviewer *.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.ico vifmimg draw %px %py %pw %ph %c %pc vifmimg clear +filextype *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.ico,*.gif,*.xpm rotdir %f 2>/dev/null | sxiv -ia 2>/dev/null & -filextype *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm rotdir %f 2>/dev/null | sxiv -ia 2>/dev/null & -"fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm file %f -fileviewer *.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png - \ vifmimg draw %px %py %pw %ph %c - \ %pc - \ vifmimg clear filextype *.svg inkscape %f 2>/dev/null & filextype *.xcf gimp %f 2>/dev/null & -" MD5 -filetype *.md5 - \ {Check MD5 hash sum} - \ md5sum -c %f %S, - -" SHA1 -filetype *.sha1 - \ {Check SHA1 hash sum} - \ sha1sum -c %f %S, - -" SHA256 -filetype *.sha256 - \ {Check SHA256 hash sum} - \ sha256sum -c %f %S, - -" SHA512 -filetype *.sha512 - \ {Check SHA512 hash sum} - \ sha512sum -c %f %S, - -" GPG signature -filetype *.asc - \ {Check signature} - \ !!gpg --verify %c, - -set vifminfo=dhistory,chistory,tui,shistory, - \phistory,fhistory,dirstack,registers,bookmarks,bmarks - -" Start shell in current directory -nnoremap s :shell<cr> - -" Toggle visibility of preview window -nnoremap w :view<cr> -vnoremap w :view<cr>gv - -" Yank current directory path into the clipboard -nnoremap yd :!echo %d | xclip %i<cr> - -" Yank current file path into the clipboard -nnoremap yf :!echo %c:p | xclip %i<cr> - -nnoremap I cw<c-a> -nnoremap cc cw<c-u> -nnoremap A cw - -" Open editor to edit vifmrc and apply settings after returning to vifm -nnoremap ,c :write | edit $MYVIFMRC | restart<cr> - -" Toggle wrap setting on ,w key -nnoremap ,w :set wrap!<cr> +set vifminfo=dhistory,chistory,tui,shistory,phistory,fhistory,dirstack,registers,bookmarks,bmarks