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diff --git a/.scripts/ b/.scripts/ @@ -0,0 +1,112 @@ +# Directory of Scripts + +## `audio` +The audio recording script run by `dmenurecord` (bound to `mod+Print`). + +## `bottomleft` +Makes the currently selected window float in the bottom left of screen. Bound to `mod+B`. + +## `camtoggle` +Starts/kills /dev/video0 webcam. Placed in bottom right by default. + +## `compiler` +Compiles a markdown, R markdown or LaTeX document with the approriate command. + +## `crontog` +Turns off/on all user cronjobs. + +## `displayselect` +Select which displays to use. Bound to `mod+F3`. + +## `dmenuhandler` +Give this script a url and it will offer dmenu options for opening it. Used by `newsboat` and some other programs as a link handler. + +## `dmenumount` +Detect available partitions with `lsblk` and offer to mount them. Bound to `mod+F9`. Will do nothing if none are available. + +## `dmenurecord` +Gives a list of recording commands: `audio`, `video` and `screencast` (both) in dmenu for selection. + +## `dmenuumount` +Unmount a mounted non-essential partition. Bound to `mod+F10`. Will do nothing if none are mounted. + +## `dropdowncalc` +The command initially run in the `math` window (toggeable with `mod+a`). Runs `r` if available, else `python`. + +## `extract` +Will detect file type of archive and run appropriate extraction command. + +## `getbib` +Use to automatically detect bibtex entry of a .pdf. Attempts to search for the .pdf's DOI. Returns nothing if none detected. + +## `getkeys` +Get the LARBS documentation on what bindings exist for main programs. + +## `i3battery` +i3blocks module. Shows available power remaining with icon indicating battery status. Colors indicate different levels of charge. + +## `i3mail` +i3blocks module for use with mutt-wizard. Shows unread mail and if `` is running. + +## `i3mpd` +i3blocks module. Shows current song; if paused, name will be grayed and italic. + +## `i3mpdupdate` +A daemon running by default that will update the i3mpd block on mpd change. + +## `i3pacman` +i3blocks module. Detects new installable upgrades. Only works if you use cronjobs to automatically sync repositories. + +## `i3resize` +A script that allows intuitive resizing of windows. Mapped to `mod+Y/U/I/O`. + +## `i3torrent` +i3blocks module. Shows torrents idle (⌛️), downloading (⬇️) or finished (🌱). + +## `i3volume` +i3blocks module. Shows volume percentage or mute notification. + +## `i3weather` +i3blocks module. Gets weather forcast from and returns today's precipitation chance (☔), daily low (❄️) and daily high (☀️). + +## `killrecording` +End a recording started by `dmenurecord` the proper way. + +## `linkhandler` +The automatic link handler used by `newsboat` and other programs. Urls of video sites or of video files are opened in `mpv`, images are downloaded/opened in `feh`, music files are downloaded with `wget` and all other urls are opened in the default browser. + +## `lmc` +A music controller that simplifies music/audio management and improves the interface with i3blocks. Check inside to see what it does. This is what i3 audio/music commands run by default. If you use a difference music system or ALSA, you can change this script rather than changing all the shortcuts in different places. + +## `musstuff` +Some old notes and commands on deleted music shortcuts. + +## `polybar_launch` +For `polybar` users. Launches `polybar` on every screen. Should be run in the i3 config. + +## `prompt` +Gives a Yes/No prompt to a question given as an argument. Used by numerous bindings like `mod+shift+x`, `mod+shift+backspace` and `mod+shift+escape`. + +## `remaps` +Remaps capslock to escape when pressed and super/mod when held. Maps the menu key to super as well. Runs the US international keyboard setup. If you want another keyboard setup, edit this fine. + +## `samedir` +Opens a terminal window in the same directory as the window currently selection. Bound to `mod+shift+enter`. + +## `screencast` +A script for `dmenurecord`. Records default audio and the screen. + +## `texclear` +Remove all `.tex` related build files. This is run by my vim when I stop editing any `.tex` file. + +## `tmuxinit` +The startup script for the dropdown terminal (toggleable with `mod+u`). Either attaches to an existing tmux session or begins a new one. + +## `tpb` +Search Pirate Bay for the certain search terms given as arguments. + +## `tutorialvids` +A dmenu prompt that gives some options of tutorial videos to watch. Bound to `mod+shift+e`. + +## `video` +A script for `dmenurecord`. Records the screen with no audio.